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Are You A Singer?

As a singer, there is a lot of tools you need to help you on your journey.  Everything from a voice coach to a music producer – from a vocal instructor to a voice doctor – a voice mentor to a music manager.  All of these people are part of our eco-system and are here to help you.  We provide home study programs for remote learning and internet lessons with the worlds best voice teachers.  It’s really a matter of finding out what your needs are and giving you all we can.


Are You A Parent Of A Singer?

Very often a parent or parents of a young singer get overwhelmed with trying to do the right thing for their gifted child. Who do you turn to?  Who can you trust with your child’s instrument?  The DS Vocology world is filled with experts to guide you and give you honest advice and guidance. Just ask us and we’ll point you in the right expert’s direction.


Are You A Voice Teacher?

Whether you are looking to develop your knowledge of voice, learn skills for particular genres, or just looking for tools for your studio to help your students grow quicker and stronger, we can help.

*Using VocalizeU with your students will increase their speed of growth through the power practice exports and effectiveness of the workouts.

*Connecting you to the most current vocal research and vocal development strategies will increase your efficiency and get your students on top of their game quickly.

*The DS Vocology World is all about inclusion not exclusion.  We believe no one person has all the answers and no one way is the only way.  Which is why we look to include as many ideas and perspectives as possible – including yours.

Here’s what we have been working on for you.

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Some highlights of your DS Vocology community include…

Vocal And Musical Education

DS Vocology provides tools for Schools, Parents and Professional singers to better their vocal abilities and development their musical skills.  The VocalizeU home study program is the most comprehensive vocal program on the market and is available on multiple platforms.

VocalizeU Mobile Application

VocalizeU is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and Android.  There are different versions for different needs, ranging from professional singers to home schoolers.  Current translations are Korean, Japanese, English, Mandarin, and Spanish.

VocalizeU Vocal Expert Network

The VocalizeU vocal experts can be found at  These teachers work with the most relevant and current singers in many genres of music.  They are also some of the most highly trained and experienced teachers available, anywhere.

VocalizeU Events

DS Vocology LLC. creates ongoing, live events for singers to participate in, ranging from weekend songwriting retreats to 10 day artist development programs.  Mentors and vocal experts from all areas of voice participate in these events, making them the most sought after programs around.  See for more info.

The University

VocalizeU provides a university of experts and authors.  The complete home study version of VU includes a bookshelf of written tutorials and guides that range from vocal style to music business to vocal science and technique.

One-Stop Shop

As you can see, DS Vocology LLC. is a one-stop shop for anyone from amateur to professional singers alike. Offering a myriad of products, services, educational content, and live events.  We are the world for singers like no other.  The only question is, how can we help you?

Everyone needs to be heard !
-If you are a singer we not only want to help you build your voice, but help you say what you need to say.  
-If you are a songwriter we want your stories to be heard.
-If you are a voice teacher, we want your opinion honored.

Giving Everyone A Voice.