12 tips for ’15

  1. Be Grateful
  2. Train like a professional athlete- healthy diet, plenty of rest, enough water, make a routine
  3. Discover your own style- can’t recreate what someone else is doing because they have already mastered it
  4. Be calm- yelling is bad for the vocal cords
  5. Wash hands to avoid getting sick, if you do get sick take the time to rest- don’t strain yourself
  6. Wake up and have a game plan
  7. Set specific goals for yourself- short term and long term
  8. Work on your mind as well as your voice- happy thoughts and positive thinking
  9. Schedule personal time to relax, song write, work on technique- etc.
  10. Make connections with other singers, musicians, and people in business
  11. Work with an accompanist to get used to that or perform at open mic nights- set up your own gigs
  12. Be Grateful


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