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VocalizeU: A Virtual Voice Lesson for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

New Full Feature App Delivers Ultimate Singer Support on the iPad


For Immediate Release


(Hollywood, CA) A microphone, a keyboard, a metronome, a digital recorder, a complete regimen of vocal exercises, an ear training program, and a notebook dedicated to documenting, analyzing and measuring vocal progress: Imagine a well equipped vocal booth in a sophisticated recording studio with all of these requisite tools – even a dedicated vocal coach and a staff of live vocal, performance, songwriting and music business experts who can be accessed 24/7.


VocalizeU, a new app released by DS Vocology, LLC, delivers all this – and much more – on the 1.6 lb. Apple iPad.


VocalizeU is a marvel of modern technology; a virtual vocal studio that can replicate what the top music schools in the world can do by evaluating singers’ voices and giving them customized vocal workouts to address their individual vocal habits. This technique is based on the physiology of the voice and is used by many top recording artists and professional vocalists, who typically pay $150-400/hour to study this technique. According to DS Vocology, LLC Founder/CEO Dave Stroud, there is much more to being a modern vocalist than just hitting the right notes. “We focus on singers first and then we deliver the other essentials: songwriting, production, publishing management – all of the tools a singer could possibility need. It used to be that only top singers on the coasts had access to this type of instruction, but now, we are opening it up to everyone, everywhere.”


Acknowledged as one of the music world’s most prominent authorities on voice training, performance and vocal health, Stroud, who has coached an illustrious roster of marquee artists like Natasha Bedingfield and Ben Folds, plus American Idols Adam Lambert, Jordin Sparks, Allison Iraheta, David Cook, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina certainly understands what is required to create superlative vocals. To bring VocalizeU into the marketplace, he assembled DS Vocology, LLC, a dedicated team of music and technology professionals, in a suite of offices on Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Strip.


VocalizeU is the cornerstone app of an entire ecosystem of products DS Vocology will be releasing for singers. VocalizeU itself will be expandable via the addition of 10-20 studioextension apps per year that add tools, such as 8 track recorders and oscillators, and specialized areas of study for singers, including Musical Theatre, Jazz Vocals, Background Singing, Music Management, Music Theory, Applying Vocal Technique to Song. VocalizeU also features an onboard camera, allowing the user to capture video performances and upload them directly to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media.


Despite every trend in modern music, what remains constant is the power of a vocalist to enthrall an audience. For professional and aspiring singers alike, VocalizeU will be their ultimate education and performance resource.


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Attendee Feedback from VU London Event

I’ve been to many vocal coaching seminars in my 15 years as a voice coach, many through my training as an SLS voice teacher and some featuring Dave Stroud himself.

This one,however, was particularly of note.


Usually I find myself digesting  the implications of new information or new techniques, while still at the seminar and becoming inspired or excited while still there. Waking up the next day, some of the clarity is gone and I’ll be checking my notes or recordings to see the details and re-assess what got me so excited the day before.


The philosophical nature of this most recent seminar meant that the jumble of thoughts going round in my head during the event did not sort themselves out fully, for days.

In essence, what I ended up taking home from the seminar was “to be a better teacher, start out by being a better person”. That may be oversimplifying things but it’s still an inspiring thought.


I’ve spent the last 5 years changing the way I teach, incorporating some of the best teaching techniques ever devised, by the vocal teaching legend that is Seth Riggs and distilled into a systematic technique, mostly by Dave Stroud himself.

Along the way, I think I lost a little of the focus on the skills I’d used as a teacher for the 10 years I’d taught before I took up SLS. Truly listening to what people want from their lessons. Finding ways to inspire them in their singing, in their willingness to open up in their lessons and to trust that I was working in their interest and not just the interest of my business. Ensuring that their emotional heath (in respect of their singing!) was as important in the lesson as their vocal health.


As Dave pointed out in the seminar, it’s not a substitute to systematic teaching, to approach lessons this way, it’s the very key to why people open themselves up to new methods and the resulting new sensations and therefore benefit more quickly from the “good stuff” they are being immersed in.


There is no way I’m going to stop trying to improve my ear for what’s happening in a student’s voice, or my ability to assess their tendencies and apply appropriate exercises to help them improve, but before I get that far in a lesson, I’m going to remind myself that they came because they needed someone that they could trust, who they felt cared about their music, their singing and their ability to get their message to an audience and that only when that has been established, will the joys of a “low, stable larynx” have any long lasting effect on their voice!


The modern voice teacher has (or should have!) a full tool box of scales and sounds to address the physical problems of the voice, but unless they also have the skills to get the student to “pop the bonnet” (that’s “hood” to our american friends) and let us truly get to work with those tools, the benefits  will be short lasting.


One of Dave’s sound bites on this philosophy, was ‘ How fast can I get the student to say “my teacher get’s me”.

Well I think I get Dave now. I’m certainly going to try and “get” my students more.


Maybe it’s co-incidence but twice since the seminar I have had students arrive for lessons in an emotional state, over problems or concerns to do with their singing or their music pressures. Neither of those lessons contained as much as a third of a lesson of actual vocalising or singing but both ended with smiling, happy students who left with refreshed confidence and enthusiasm and came back the next week (sooner than usual….) to have a productive lesson where their singing progressed further than before.


For the last five years, even though my lessons have always begun with questions, in reality those questions have been to drive home one real aim. Learn about the person’s vocal “tend’s to’s”

From now on that’s going to be priority number two. Number one is simpler.


Learn about the person.


I’d like to sincerely thank Dave Stroud for reminding me why I wanted to teach singing in the first place and a huge thank you to Line Hilton for organising this event. I look forward to future ones!


Gareth Henderson

Director of River Studios, Recording, Rehearsal, Voice and Music Tuition, Dance.

Dave Stroud’s Ready to Let the World in on his Little Secret.

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Cecy Galvan

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Dave Stroud’s Ready to Let the World in on his Little Secret.


Dave Stroud has created and released the world’s first fully comprehensive and interactive mobile singing and musicianship program… “VocalizeU.”

In August 2010, Stroud established DS Vocology LLC. with the mission statement; “Giving Everyone A Voice.” For the past 11 months, he has been tirelessly working towards actualizing his dream of eliminating all barriers to elite vocal and music education. His aim is to provide everyone the same top quality education normally reserved for celebrities and top artists.

So, for the past few seasons, Stroud has been quietly brewing a storm, seeking out the best of the best to include on his team. He is leveraging all his relationships and connections by bringing in industry icons, music legends, chart topping pop artists, top technology companies, a proven management staff and his enduring business savvy, to build the best all encompassing experience for singers and musicians.

The idea behind “VocalizeU” came about when Stroud began to realize how much is offered to musicians in the form of education, products and services, but the vocalist is left out. Stroud explained, “When you walk into Guitar Center, there is a section for drummers, pianists, guitarist and even D.J.’s but there is nothing for singers and performers other than microphones.” He believes singer’s are greatly underserved and he has set out to change that.

With “VocalizeU” singers and musicians will now have a wealth of tools they can access instantly, wherever they are. VocalizeU offers patented vocal evaluations, customized vocal workouts, adjustable warm ups, pitch and ear training programs, instant access to live vocal experts, vocal recorder & karaoke, vocal journal & calendar, full polyphonic keyboard, and so much more. Stroud created “VocalizeU” to literally be a singers essential training kit, offering every basic tool they need to know. Furthermore, users can access VocalizeU’s virtual store where they can purchase “extensions” on any additional subject they’d like to learn, such as: songwriting, background singing, music management and musical theatre.

“VocalizeU” is the culmination of Stroud’s 25 years of experience teaching voice, training vocal teachers and mastering the nuances of the music business. He has seamlessly tied in multiple aspects of vocal education, musicianship and artistry in an engaging and highly developed software. “VocalizeU” is without a doubt, revolutionary and is sure to change the way people perceive vocal and music education.