Dave Stroud’s Ready to Let the World in on his Little Secret.

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Dave Stroud’s Ready to Let the World in on his Little Secret.


Dave Stroud has created and released the world’s first fully comprehensive and interactive mobile singing and musicianship program… “VocalizeU.”

In August 2010, Stroud established DS Vocology LLC. with the mission statement; “Giving Everyone A Voice.” For the past 11 months, he has been tirelessly working towards actualizing his dream of eliminating all barriers to elite vocal and music education. His aim is to provide everyone the same top quality education normally reserved for celebrities and top artists.

So, for the past few seasons, Stroud has been quietly brewing a storm, seeking out the best of the best to include on his team. He is leveraging all his relationships and connections by bringing in industry icons, music legends, chart topping pop artists, top technology companies, a proven management staff and his enduring business savvy, to build the best all encompassing experience for singers and musicians.

The idea behind “VocalizeU” came about when Stroud began to realize how much is offered to musicians in the form of education, products and services, but the vocalist is left out. Stroud explained, “When you walk into Guitar Center, there is a section for drummers, pianists, guitarist and even D.J.’s but there is nothing for singers and performers other than microphones.” He believes singer’s are greatly underserved and he has set out to change that.

With “VocalizeU” singers and musicians will now have a wealth of tools they can access instantly, wherever they are. VocalizeU offers patented vocal evaluations, customized vocal workouts, adjustable warm ups, pitch and ear training programs, instant access to live vocal experts, vocal recorder & karaoke, vocal journal & calendar, full polyphonic keyboard, and so much more. Stroud created “VocalizeU” to literally be a singers essential training kit, offering every basic tool they need to know. Furthermore, users can access VocalizeU’s virtual store where they can purchase “extensions” on any additional subject they’d like to learn, such as: songwriting, background singing, music management and musical theatre.

“VocalizeU” is the culmination of Stroud’s 25 years of experience teaching voice, training vocal teachers and mastering the nuances of the music business. He has seamlessly tied in multiple aspects of vocal education, musicianship and artistry in an engaging and highly developed software. “VocalizeU” is without a doubt, revolutionary and is sure to change the way people perceive vocal and music education.

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