VocalizeU Vocal Expert Network: DS Vocology has constructed an international network of vocal experts available online. Not only can students access these vocal experts whenever they feel the need for person-to-person interaction, but whenever a user is feeling lost or not making progress using VocalizeU. DS Vocology LLC. has chosen the most experienced and highly sought after vocal experts from around the country. Many coach today’s music greats of broadway, hollywood, opera, country, and rock & roll. VocalizeU Vocal Experts provide stellar vocal coaching and assistance. Vocology in Practice stands as the exclusive network of teachers for the VU teacher network.

DS Vocology Events: DS Vocology LLC. has partnered with music industry icons and businesses to create amazing live events such as vocal seminars, workshops, intensive summer programs, concerts, songwriting lectures/courses, acting masterclasses, choreography classes and much more. These events will be promoted through VocalizeU, as well as other outlets. Registration for these events will take place through and through the VocalizeU app itself. All DS Vocology LLC. events will include the world’s top instructors and experts in their respective fields.